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There’s nothing like waking up on a Tuesday and having an email you sent yesterday about the Admin Panel of a Facebook Page be completely wrong now.

That’s right, Facebook has redesigned again.

If you’re the admin of a Facebook Page, just click edit page underneath your profile image to see the changes.  I just want to quickly highlight a few changes, as well as share some tips that we pass along to clients.

Initial Changes

The first changes you’ll notice are that Basic Information and Profile Picture can now be managed from the back end. The best change I see in this is that on the Profile Picture area you can edit your thumbnail.  Schools miss the mark on this all the time.  Your miniature avatar in the news feed is how people see/perceive you.  They see you there more than on the actual page, where your full logo is.  (You could previously (and still can) change this by hovering over the profile image on your page, clicking the pencil, then clicking edit thumbnail. Lots of people missed that area, so Facebook has brought it out front.)

Click Settings… Then Options…

It used to be a complicated multiple click manuever to get to the Page settings.  Now, these permissions are all hosted on the back panel as well. You can hide your page (which used to be in a dropdown titled ‘unpublished’, but is now a checkbox), country restrictions (very useful from an international standpoint), and decide what the wall tab shows (please choose All Posts and avoid ‘Just Others Syndrome’, a common higher ed mistake I’ll cover another day.)


I used to answer this question at least twice a month, and actually just have a template email queued up for it.  You might have heard it before too.

I can make you an admin of the page, but we need to be friends on Facebook first.


There used to be a small area at the bottom where you could add an email (we called this the “Don’t want to be your boss’ friend on Facebook” option), but it was overlooked by many.

Now, adding by name (friends) or email is the standard option, and much more streamlined. Simply type in the friend’s name OR the email and you’ll get the same results.

Change your Page Name!

I honestly can’t tell you how many times we’ve had a client create a Facebook Page, have an internal discussion about the name of the Page, delete and re-create, then again, then again… then finally come up with the name they like best.

No more.

If you have fewer than 100 likes on Facebook, the admin panel will let you change the name of the Page! Just open your panel and click to edit under Basic Information.

What’s missing?

One thing is missing, and it’s the one thing I emailed a client to do yesterday. I hope they got to it in time. :-/

I currently don’t see a way to stop new events from going directly to your news feed, unfortunately.  This was useful for schools who were creating multiple events at once, or just created a lot of events in general.  Events is no longer listed in the Applications section, so I don’t see where this change can be made.  This was the old way:

Anything Else?

This new design is similar to the new admin panel of the redesigned Groups.  Do you see anything different or out of the ordinary? Leave a comment below!

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Overall I like the changes that Facebook has made and that you have outlined in this post. Everything is less confusing.

The way they’ve outlined the applications makes much more sense. I just wish they would increase the width of the box (where the coding goes) in the FBML app.

The “newish” layout of insights are still acting buggy for me. (Others?) When I click on “see details” it takes me to my wall. I guess I’ll be sticking with the old style of insights for now.

We stick with ‘old insights’ as well. There’s actually MORE data back there that is MORE valuable. I’ll be sad when they remove all of that from Insights.

And yes, 760px vs 520px was great. But in our recent redesigns, we’ve been forced to cut stuff and be more succinct, which I think has made our client tabs better!

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I noticed they removed the “View Comments” option from the photos tab. Is there another way to get to that tool?

It was so useful! We have so many photos on our page, and it’s a pain to flip through all of them!

You might want to voice your opinion here, Kristin!


Hopefully they bring it back, we’ve been missing it lately too :(

[...] Changes to the Facebook Pages Admin Panel If you’re the admin of a Facebook Page, just click edit page underneath your profile image to see the changes. Facebook Pages Admin Panel Changes [...]

How about the new spam filter for wall comments by fans? I see how it works, but I can’t figure out how page admins can approve comments for posting (only the delete button appears to be available). I can’t find the answer on the FB help page.

Just click the X button and it will give you an two options:

Remove post…

Unmark as Spam

Thanks, Brad. I just assumed that the X meant delete.

[...] Changes to the Facebook Pages Admin Panel If you’re the admin of a Facebook Page, just click edit page underneath your profile image to see the changes.  Facebook Pages Admin Panel Changes [...]

I am the admin for a page and cannot figure out for the life of me how to delete a wall post that I accidentally posted. On the Page, when you scroll over the post, an “x” or delete DOES NOT show up. Any suggestions?

Thanks for the greet page, I love reading it!


Just wanted to let you know they brought the events back as part of the applications and allow you to modify the extended permissions again (at least we can).

Thanks for the great tips,
~Paul Prewitt

I miss the ‘just others’ tab. As a band, it was easier for us to log in and see what ‘fans’ posted exclusively so we can be sure to respond to them. Now, with “most recent,” we have to scroll through our own posts and pick out the fan ones. Any way to get back to the “Just Others” and “Just (PAGE NAME)” tab system that you know of?

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