I love when people respond to emails.

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I just had to share these with everyone.  We’re currently sending out a round of our ‘last chance’ email that I mentioned in this post last year. Here’s what it looks like:
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Flair Friday

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Lots of stuff going on in the office that I look forward to posting about, but here’s a post to get us to the weekend.

Flair Friday.

I know you all have buttons in your office from campus events, etc.  I decided that in addition to the newly implemented “you must wear a tie on Friday” rule, I’m going to add some flair as well.

Show me your flair! Send me an image link on twitter, email me, or post a comment with a link here and I’ll post them next Friday.

Here is my flair:

Here is @drewsmc‘s from http://a-little-spunk.blogspot.com

Here is @rachelwebster‘s from SUNY-New Paltz.

Here is @kyleplacy‘s from www.getbrandswag.com

Let’s see yours!