Google Docs: We’ll do it for you!

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I have long been a supporter of Google Docs, and a recent update just made me that much more excited to continue to spread the love to others.

This post will supplement my previous post on how to create a form in Google Docs. The latest update is that Google Docs will now compile data for you! Here are some screenshots.

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How-To Tuesday: How to Make Viral Videos

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I couldn’t possibly go 2 straight Tuesday’s without sharing some sort of how-to, so here is one that I saw a few days ago. How to Make Viral Videos. Ironically enough, the video itself is starting to go viral, averaging about 20,000 views per day.

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How-To Tuesday: Don’t be Whack, Trackback!

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Today’s video is a quick overview of trackbacks and how to use them.

I mentioned a link in the video, and that discussion is right here. (You should see a ‘trackback’ comment from this post when you go there!)

I also said that you can’t trackback in Blogger, but technically you can if you wish to install some extra goodies. Learn more here. Also, you can learn more about how trackback works, or read another example from WordPress. Have a great day!

How-To Tuesday: Creating a Facebook Ad

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Here’s the 5th installment of How-To Tuesday; creating a Facebook Ad. I’ve previously mentioned Facebook Ads, and had a few questions about how to make one. I think that after you give it a try and see how easy it is, you’ll be hooked. I might follow up with a look at the analytics side of it, but I think you’ll figure it out pretty easily.

Side note – I noticed my syllables always elongate when a page is taking awhile to load. Good stuff. :)

How-To Tuesday: The Power of Social Media

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Today we’re going to touch on ‘The Power of Social Media’, and give you a brief example of how quickly something can grow. The case used in this video is a Facebook group titled ‘PLEASE PARTICIPATE IN STUDENT PROJECT’. The student writes:

I’m doing a communications paper on the marketing world and the new direction it has taken in today’s society and one of the main points that I’m trying to make is how one individual with an average facebook account can reach 100,000+ people in less than a week just by making a group and inviting people.

Think he succeeds? Check it out.

I recorded this in the middle of last week so that we could have an idea of growth for the days past the video. I mentioned in the video that by the end of the 5th day he would probably be over 200,000 members to the group. Well, he did, with 2 hours to spare. Phew, that was close. :) As of 1:30pm it was at 292,000, so by the time you read this (I’m post-stamping it to the PM to avoid Mr. Pott’s first ever post… don’t worry, it caught us all by surprise too ;) ) the group should be over 300,000. To check, click here.

How-To Tuesday: Create a form in Google Docs

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It’s Tuesday already? Just another snowy day here in Indy. Today we talk about creating a form in Google Docs. I’ve been using this because I really like how it instantly drops the form’s results into a spreadsheet. No FormMail to worry about, etc. I used it on an email that I sent out on Friday, and so far there have been about 40 responses. Others wanted to see it, so I just copy/pasted into an Excel file and mailed it back. If they had Google accounts, it would have been even easier. And if there weren’t prospective student emails involved, I would have just made it public for them to see.

And here is the link for the form that is shown: Google Form


How-To Tuesday: Tracking Comments and Conversations

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Episode 2. How to use to keep track of comments on blogs. Sorry about the sniffles, I was out sick yesterday and am still in recovery mode and trying to play catchup. I think I am going to refrain from calling this a weekly post in the event that I fail to come up with something during a week. I’d rather post good content occasionally than mediocre content weekly.


How-To Tuesday: RSS Feeds

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Hey Everyone! We’re going to try something new here at SquaredPeg called How-To Tuesday. Each week we’re going to try and pick a topic and do a quick demo or show some neat benefits of using it. This week I’m talking about subscribing to RSS feeds.

The video is below. The quality turned out a little worse than I wanted, so I’ll work on the export settings next week. This was running a little long so I didn’t get to touch on Share/Star/Trends, so that will be a quick addendum next week. Hopefully you can get something out of it if you aren’t using RSS already.

As always, let me know what you think or if there is anything out there you want to learn more about, and we’ll continue to learn together. Enjoy!