Making a Viral Video

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It’s been nearly one month since I created and released the Butler Blue II video during our missing mascot fiasco (no, they were never found).

I’ve refrained from posting on this until now because I wanted to allow enough time to look at stats and analytics on the video to say if it was a success or not. Conclusion?  Success.

I’ve never been one to throw the word ‘viral‘ around.  [Example] You can’t make a video ‘viral’, it’s up to the people who watch it if they want to pass it along.   But you CAN help the video become viral by choosing your key influencers and letting it go from there.

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March Madness: Basketball Scores Online Traffic

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A month ago, FJ Gaylor blogged on ‘The Flutie Effect’, and asked if anyone had success stories on the impact that sports can play on Admissions.

A month later, I have some stats for you. As most of you know, our beloved Bulldogs fell to Tennessee 76-71 in overtime. While it was a tough loss to swallow, getting Butler’s name out there was wonderful for the Admission site.

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Butler takes 2nd in the NCAA Tournament

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No, that’s not a lofty prediction. It’s the truth. (#12) Western Kentucky defeats (#7) Butler in the national championship, 100-92.

Don’t believe me? Check the bracket.

From the article:

If the Final Four were determined academically, it would be Western Kentucky (100 percent graduation success), Butler (92 percent), Notre Dame (91 percent) and Purdue (91 percent). Xavier, a No. 3 seed, was close behind with a 90 percent success rate.

Last year, we beat Vanderbilt with only 82%. It’s good to see us raise up to 92% in just a year! [Last year's bracket]

You just can’t buy publicity like that.  It takes an effort from the coaches, the students, and the campus community to create an environment where education is the focal point.  Sure, we love our basketball, but when I see our students walking to class or sitting in an MBA group doing homework, it always makes me smile to see how down to earth our guys are.   5 seniors playing ball together? Practically unheard nowadays at NCAA Div. 1 schools.

BU-TLE-R U A BULLDOG?  Hell yeah.  Don’t snub us on your bracket, the NCAA already took care of that for us. ;)   I’m looking for a Sweet 16/Elite 8 appearance.  Let’s make the most of it!

Blue II is live.

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Consider this your super secret beta look at our mascot’s lifecasting stream.  We’re doing some testing today.   Check it out, it might not be there tomorrow! 

I had the chance to get my pic with the little dude this weekend at the BU game.  What a stud.

YouTube to offer Lifecasting capabilities

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YouTube has given the big thumbs-up to lifecasting, with plans to offer the ability to stream a live feed, according to WebWare reports.  It’ll be interesting to see how they approach this, and I’m definitely excited.

Between uStream, Stickam, Yahoo! Live, and many others, we will definitely have some choices for implementing our lifecasting.  That’s right, after getting denied on student lifecasting nearly 9 months ago now, I am in the process of setting up lifecasting on our admission site.   No, not students… Butler Blue II.

Yep, a live feed of our slobbery mascot dog and his daily adventures.   We figure it’s a little safer since he doesn’t drink or party too hard.    I have been lifecasting my dog for 8 months now (but still figuring out logistics in the new house, we should be live again next week), so I’m well experience in canine camerawork.  It’s all part of a new multimedia area I am working on putting together to try and breathe some life into our site, which is approaching 1.5 years of stagnancy.   More to come.

Isn’t he handsome?

Oh, and Happy Leap Day!

Butler Blue II for President?

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Consider this our mascot’s official endorsement from retired General Colin Powell to nominate Butler Blue II as a presidential candidate in 2012.

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