Oh No…… Web 3.0.

Posted by Brad J. Ward | Posted in Concepts, Higher Education, Marketing, Social Media, Strategy, Technology, Thoughts, Web, Web 3.0 | Posted on 10-12-2008-05-2008


It was inevitable.  Web 3.0 had to start rearing its name into the conversation at some point, right? Sorry to drop the bomb so early, but we need to always be looking ahead as well.

This post comes from two things.

  1. A comment left on my last post by Mike.
  2. A post by John Cass, who defines web 3.0.

First, let’s look at John’s post. He writes:

I was recently asked to define web 3.0.

To do so I thought I’d start off by defining web 1.0 and 2.0.

Web 1.0 - Create content on my site for others to read.
Web 2.0 -
Other people come to my website to contribute content, or between sites.
Web 3.0 -
Use content on other websites to create content or collaborate on my site or between sites.


Now, let’s look at Mike’s comment to Kyle this morning on the discussion of social media.


@Kyle- I think the notion of “our content” and using sites like Facebook as a way to drive people to “our content” is a dying strategy. Universities are discussed in many places- collegeclicktv.com, unigo.com, etc.- that a university doesn’t control, can’t control, and, to my thinking, shouldn’t control. Link to these places and let visitors decide whether it’s valuable or not.


Web 3.0 for Universities and Colleges

Web 3.0….. letting go? Ceding control? Pulling content in from sites like Unigo, YouTube, Twitter, all ‘that web 2.0 jazz’ and letting it tell your institution’s story? Creating your content from the content of other sites, and also pushing your content back to those sites?

Just something to think about today. It will be interesting to see how things evolve.  The cool thing is that we, the user, can help define it.